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The classical Pilates mat training with equipment like fitness- circle, roller, ball etc. - personalized on your body and your ambitions. You will strengthen your core, stabilize and improve your posture and train all your body. For experienced Pilates professionals as well as for absolute beginners.. > CHECK AVAILABILITY

pilates RAW

A creative outdoor Pilates training that includes the natural surroundings as opportunities for exercises. Mindfulness and nature are the basic elements of this holistic experience. We pick you up or meet directly at the training spot!  > CHECK AVAILABILITY


Personal Training HIIT

An individualised and tailor-made Personal Training Session - strength, cardio, flexibility. Whatever your goal is, we create the plan and lead you there with our professional knowledge and our motivational skills. In your villa, in a gym, or outdoor. We bring all the equipment like mats, weights, tubes, balls, etc. > CHECK AVAILABILITY

Pilates PUMP

The Pilates class for athletes: A highly intense workout, always based on the Pilates principles of stabilization of the posture. We will work with weights, dumbbells, resistance and bodyweight exercises and focus on posture and core. With this this tailor-made workout, you will reach a higher performance in your sport.   > CHECK AVAILABILITY


A new type of movement session designed to work on the quality of posture and its influence on your feelings. By diverse techniques of fascial stretching, alignment and mobilisation you will improve your flexibility, agility and therefore your strength. Especially suitable for people who want to improve their performance - or anyone with postural problems, chronic pain and tensions. > CHECK AVAILABILITY

Embodiment Based MEDITATION

A session of mindfulness training that combines techniques of meditation and breathing with elements of stretching, mobilization and awareness of your body. You will feel relaxed and energized. > CHECK AVAILABILITY



A Mat Pilates Class connected to a TENS device. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a safe and popular method for either pain relief or fat burning/muscle growth, In combination with Pilates we multiply the effectiveness of both the TENS and the exercise itself. > CHECK AVAILABILITY


In this new choreographed workout you practise flowing Pilates exercises to the rhythm of music. Enjoy the beauty of movement.



Choose between an intense Power Yoga Sesson or a restorative Yin Yoga. Or a mix of both. Athletic and relaxing. > CHECK AVAILABILITY


You are a Pilates, Yoga or Fitness professional and looking for good shots of yourself? Or you just like to workout and have a souvenir of Mykonos that no-one else have? Take a Fitness Foto Session and we bring you to stunning and hidden locations where your poses look amazing. You exercise in the beautiful landscape of Mykonos and we take the pictures. > CHECK AVAILABILITY


Mountain Bike Cycling Tour | Hiking Tour
Discover Mykonos and Paros far away from the touristic crowds - by bike or hiking. We guide you to hidden gems, following breathtaking views, and you combine a unique sighteseeing experience with a physical activity and training. And we’ll have a swim in the clearest water of the most untouched and secluded beaches.  


Enjoy a relaxing treatment of your muscular system. With professional techniques and our care for your body, you will feel relaxed and energized at the same time.  

Embodied Stress Release Training

A Life Coaching Session with a certified Psychologist, using the interdependence of mind and body: through professional Mental Coaching and practical body awareness you identify obstructive patterns and find new ways of thinking, feeling and postural habits. You will go back to your daily life with a long term benefit from this holisitc experience. > CHECK AVAILABILITY

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It was great starting each day with Pilates! Reto was great! He came up with new challenging workouts every day and was excellent at correcting me. Highly recommended!



I booked several Bootcamp workouts and it was great. Reto took me every day to another beautiful hidden spot of the island and I had a bit of sightseeing. After the session I always felt really really good!


Abu Dhabi

I was working out with Reto for the second year during my stay on the island. He is a very professional coach and cares about what you need. The workouts are very creative and really help you to feel better in your body. Reto came to our villa and had all the equipment for the training, very professional. Thank you so much for this excellent sessions. Sure to come back next summer!

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